dineen coffee company

i love discovering new special places in the city.

i’ve passed cafe dineen before, but today-i decided to stop in because i was so full of indian buffet that i couldn’t walk all the way to king street to get the streetcar home to take a nap. besides, it’s very humid, and i wanted to spend some more time away from home.

writing sundays continue, if only for letters and crosswords these days, and i was seduced by the salmon banquette and the chandelier. i got an iced americano and tucked into a corner, not quite eavesdropping as the ladies that were in the corner next to me were speaking very loudly. but, crawling on my hands and knees helping them find a thimble or whatever, i found a toonie, so my coffee was 2/3 paid for-woot!

i told a guy reading charlie leduff’s detroit through the window that it was awesome, and while i am looking forward to coming back, i will definitely bring headphones next time. the intimate nature of the seating led to me being flanked by the bratty kids of a family at some point, and just as i was about to escape, i noticed a secret elevated back bench with green library lamps and everything-score! i was able to finish my letter to zahra and the girl who was charging her phone (yea, outlets!) told me that she also comes to write cards there.

the bathrooms are non-gendered and wheelchair accessible, but as one of the loud talkers pointed out, no one in a wheelchair would be able to get around the large pillar that’s in front of the door to the washroom. but, bigups for not having an “employees must wash hands before returning to work” sticker-it’s a classy joint like that. also, i was reminded of my sticker campaign, and to check the sticker makers on the next block-yesss.

cafe dineen-the perfect place to pass a quick monsoon and escape for a minute on my day off.

finished: the sixth and final season of oz. (single tear)

duolingo status: portuguese level 24, portuguese skill tree, 3271 lingots

latest gift from a customer: trampoline!


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