the incredibly true adventures of 2 girls in love-dir. maria maggenti

“i think randy’s already out”

there was no date on this dvd cover, and today was the first time i’d ever seen it at the library, or heard of this movie at all. i was definitely intrigued by a young nicole parker (pre “ari” and pre-pre-pre-mrs. boris kodjoe). the other actress i had to look up, because though she was billed as being on the l word (reminder to self to buy season one of the real l word from strand at the end of the month if i can get there avoiding that psycho psychic) i had to look up that she is tina-damn, i couldn’t even recognize her. she may be a better actress than i’ve given her credit for, as her character was actually very believable and likeable. the whole romance was actually quite sweet and realistically high school. they skimmed on race and class issues just as much as high school kids would, and this bechdel-test passing (with flying colours) movie is inspiring in the way that the characters are not persecuted/killed/tortured or martyred for their love. the biggest loss is some catty girlfriends, and that usually happens when people leave high school anyway.

yea, 1996.


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