dope-dir. rick famuyiwa

“if neil degrasse tyson was writing about ice cube, it would look like this”

i am so very glad that i caught this one at the carlton (i don’t know why i’m not there every week, as they still do the $5 tuesdays). the fashions, the subject matter, the writing and the humour-i’ll definitely be watching this one again and again. pharrell‘s really been championing the black geek cause as of late, and i can’t say i’m mad at that. at all. also, forrest whittaker returns with the rick famuyiwa connection (our family wedding), though that connection was made by truthy calling me on my way out, but he’s also responsible for brown sugar and the wood-which makes sense now, both in terms of the on-point hip hop analysis and the focus on friendship. and i suppose that zoe kravitz is exactly both her parents. also, adidas is giving up on the nba uniforms to get that movie money? this is the second movie that i’ve seen a single character clad exclusively in adidas (john leguizamo in chef being the other one) recently, and either they’re doing really well or they’re doing really badly and grasping at straws. i say-if they just simplified to all different incarnations of the track suits and shell toes, and forget everything else, they would make a killing. honestly, i don’t know why more people don’t hire me as a consultant.

i had the thought of updating my health card, but turned right around when i saw the lineup at service ontario, so i found out where organic meadow glass bottle milk is sold (sobey’s and not whole foods at all, but they gave me $6 for them anyways-haha), strolled down college street, took out too many dvds at lillian smith (as per usual) and sampled a bernard callebaut donut at jelly. i still think glory hole takes it, though i suppose the next step would be to try the ones in manhattan with all the cushions…

i came home to host my cat’s daddy to breakfast for dinner and continue my lingot rollover in duolingo-i am currently using two second languages (french to english and french to spanish) and will do the skill tree in every other iteration that i can until the vietnamese course is ready. my new goal is that and 10,000 lingots. woot!

“i’m george w. bush, i don’t care what the vote says”


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