fifty shades of grey-dir. sam taylor-johnson

“it’s my games room” “where you keep your xbox?”

because niko once made an allusion to anastasia being a “strong woman”, and so much more “interesting” than anne frank, and because the movie is always slicker than badly written fan fiction, i got this out of the library. what is it about seattle that makes it the perfect setting for these fantasy tales? it’s interesting that the movie cast the couple as much closer in age than what i understood the book to be. it got me thinking that the fascination with loving vampires is just another iteration of a young woman with an older man-a really, really older man. but this one, with the couple being closer in age and exploring the push-pull dynamic of negotiating a relationship is interesting enough, and pretty enough, but not enough of either to keep it going non-concurrently. the casting of unknown actors (or at least, unknown to me), was a smart move-though i swear that one of the twilights was going to be in it. i was actually hooked early on by the soundtrack, and that was sustained throughout the film. after a little bit of research, it turns out that it actually did quite well, and it’s now on my hold list. and that drake album is finally coming to me, so i guess i’m way late-and it’s all good.

“fuck the paperwork”.


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