church-bustin’ loose

“black master of any trade under the sun/talk sharp like a razor blade under the tongue”

“if you don’t know when your number’s up, you might as well live today to the fullest. and why not do it on two wheels-in heels?”

i got up early, trampolined and had breakfast, washed my hair and put on my pretty dress to return to cafe dineen, this time with headphones (which greatly improved my visit). i got an iced americano and scored the corner of the banquette.

i thought that it would be less busy earlier in the day, but no-still on and pippin’-but with better air circulation (not too cold this week, even with a sleeveless dress) and a spot in the sun. i did a few puzzles, wrote a letter, and finished the first bust magazine in my subscription (i read the second one on the way home last time, and there’s a new one waiting for me to handle it in five days)

can i just say that bust has been consistently amazing over the past 15 (or so) years, and celebrate them for a moment because that is no easy feat? i read every issue cover to cover, always learn something, and am sent in a million directions searching for more. how’s that for feminisms?

in this issue (laverne cox cover) had everything from the history of the speculum to the nola caramel curves biker club, junglepussy, asexuality (and the hilarious moment when i read ‘aromatic’ as ‘aromatic’), and another man’s treasure-the greatest little jersey city vintage shop that i meant to check out, forgot about, and stumbled into anyway-yea. the fact that “kama sutra pussy” was a clue on the crossword (answer-YONI) reminded me of the raptors’ game that i was at this year when the women beside us were trying to rally valanciunas into action with this chant: “come on, yoni-let’s go yoni!”, which really, was so perfect. (spoiler alert-he did not step up, he was still catching the ball under the basket, looking confused-sigh). and no-to recap this summer’s free agency moves-we did not try for david west or hibbert (now the lakers have him and lou will and absolutely nobody plays for the pacers anymore), we never had a chance with lamarcus aldridge, ahmir‘s in boston and his jersey is on sale for 50% at the adidas store, i am worried that nobody will be able to do demarre carroll‘s hair-though he’s kind of got a michael bolton blond locks thing going on-awfully thin on the top, homie, and fingers crossed that firing the entire coaching staff means that james johnson‘s gonna get some minutes, because it’s really heartbreaking to have to watch him sit on the bench while greg steisma lights it up (the trauma of being in dc for game four will be with me for a long, long time).

i moved on to walk kensington market, then came home to nap with the cat and watch the internship, which is basically an ad for google the way that chef was an ad for twitter, and now i’m catching up here and watching i am divine-thanks again, lillian smith.

jerseys seen: steve nash, charles barkley, reggie miller, kobe bryant


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