i am divine-dir. jeffrey schwarz

“cult status is not enough”

“i am a serious actor like her (meryl streep) but i don’t want the roles that she gets-they’re for ugly people”

i remember the first time i ever saw divine-it was at steven‘s loft in yaletown, with sebastian and a pizza, and our little minds were completely blown.

i am ever great-full for this introduction that has become an insane affinity ever since, and this documentary is the epitome of never giving up your dreams. it’s also a sad example of how hollywood pigeonholes, and the tale of self-medicating with excess (food, shopping, drugs) and trying to fill the largest void that to the naked outsider’s eye is ever overflowing-the still shots alone are worth the price of admission (once again, free-ninety-nine thanks to the lillian smith library). it’s like that thing that women do, when we complain about our weight and miss out on how fabulous we are until we look back on photos of ourselves from years passed-just putting out there that i’m sorry i ever complained about/felt inadequate about my body three years ago, seven years ago, ten years ago-can i have it back now?

but the tragedy of divine’s story is that he died when he was just about to break into television and accomplish his goal of being taken seriously as a male actor. (sigh). let’s take a moment and imagine married with children with divine-i kind of can’t. and there’s some poetic justice there, right?

i raise my stainless steel goblet of orange juice with pomegranate sparkling to divine tonight-may your feet never tire in your eternal cha cha heels. xo.


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