orange is the new black-season two

“jesus tits! it’s my second day!”

oitnb is the first series that i’ve heard of that people have watched as a couple-for real, unlike other shows that people have watched in groups, or binge watched on their own-i heard many people talk about this one as one that they “couldn’t” watch without their significant other-no matter the nature of their relationship.

considering the level of manipulation and levels of deception and betrayal in the relationships portrayed in the show, this is kind of fucked up, but there are some really beauty-full moments as well.

i am not different, as i watched season one in the context of a relationship. and season two came out just as we had broken up, so i didn’t watch it, and that person said some shit like “it’s not the same without you”, but a few months later, that, along with fucking some busted white chick who wears garments with shoulder holes, went out the window. i started watching in september, but didn’t finish because of the trouble i got into with bandwidth.

perhaps because i am missing oz, i made the hold on this one active and it happened to come to me, just in the nick of time. it seems that one of the lessons that we’re to take away from this show is that familiarity breeds contempt. not just among the inmates (a lot of the moments of power come from the inmates leaving for one reason or another) but also in the relationships around the inmates-the one that springs up between larry and polly, for example-they are brought together because of the loss of their friend/partner, but they kind of deserve each other anyway. it reminds me of a woman who divorced her husband and moved away, but he stayed around and kept hanging with her family, and eventually married her cousin. yikes.

the complexity afforded to the prison staff is kind, as even pornstache was painted in a somewhat sympathetic way, but i think it’s a bit too light to brush them off as just trying to do their best to “take care” of women who are in their care, recent history has reminded us once again that there are many people who are drunk with power and are a large part of the systemic problems in prison.

maybe season three addresses this more? let me know ‘cuz i know i am hella late.

library used: danforth and cox well

made meal of the day: crockpot cornish game hens


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