joseph boyden at the AGO

“if i don’t like your question, i’ll respond in harmonica”

i keep seeing this dreamboat talk, but i’ve yet to read any of his books-it must be some strange iteration of my commitment phobia, as i’ve been passing 5-6 year milestones all over the place-with toronto, at my job, in my apartment…i’m two months away from being debt-free, and i just got to a 200-day streak on duolingo (with 3490 lingots) so i must be reaching here.

i’ve never been to the third floor of the AGO, but i suppose that’s because it’s for special events only. this three-act talk was another stunner, and he totally lied about being bad at playing the harmonica. he’s not good at playing it traditionally, but his take on the instrument is amazing-the intro to the second act was a near throat-singing.

i’m really looking forward to the new orleans’ artist house, and will definitely apply to write there.

my favourite part was when he shared his “group of seven” talk (i think i remember rumblings about this, and heard part of the cd?) on the topic of “tomorrow”, as sponsored by enbridge. sticking it to the man in a way that one of our national treasures of a shitkicker, margaret atwood, would be proud of.


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