….we on it

“but with you as my daydream, i never want to leave”

i had the brilliant idea to wake up at 6am to get the sprints in (since sprinting clothes and underwear was all i packed), but i could not be moved until 11am. turns out, it’s easy to sleep when there isn’t a tiny feline screaming at you all night. we got them in anyway, and came home to wrap green beans in turkey bacon for breakfast.

our first stop was the td bank to convert all the change that i have accumulated with the help of my darling coworkers. the granny in front of us had a whole cart full of pennies ($56 worth) and three identically dressed young ladies were mounting the counter, double fisting lollipops, sampling dog biscuits, and yelling at an old white lady to move over on the bench while their father was trying to mack on an uninterested teller. jokes for days.

we crossed the street to peruse the farmers’ market and i had the brilliant idea to walk through downtown brooklyn, disappointed by the selection of nba t-shirts available, and narrowly missing national patty day (it ended at 3pm) at golden crust. we did find grapenut vegan ice cream, and the prospect park farmer’s market was still open so i ate a nectarine and a peach, and we picked up some okra for schrimp dinner tomorrow.

first saturdays at the brooklyn museum was noteworthy, as usual, though i’m not sure why they were hoarding all the air conditioning for the foyer, as the elevators and some of the exhibits really could’ve used it. i had to laugh as some kids and their guardian completely missed the point of the dinner party (recommended by joanie)-their commentary on the vaginal plates of noted feminists/woman-centric icons was “look at how much better they’re eating than us”, which, was hilarious.

the sneaker exhibition was the initial draw, but the addition of the sneaker coffin piece was the most provoking, as people die over kicks on the regular. we’ll have the chance to ask more questions about that on the monday radio show. the FAILE works had much more impact. the walk-in “temple” was amazing and was more like a bathhouse, the arcade room was times square bright, and i was intrigued to learn more about the artists-and they’re not kidding when they say that they’ve switched to more audience participatory pieces as of late. i am glad to know about this collaboration, and am sure i will be checking for more of their work in the future present.

the mashup appears to have reached a moment of meaning, with the art work as well as the wearable art that i’m seeing in these “urban boutiques” that specialize in gear featuring snow white doing lines, and burt and ernie as the stars of pulp fiction, minnie mouse‘s head on nekkid body with big titties, and taraji as the ‘trap queen’.

all that walking in the heat tuckered me out, but lucky for us the shuttle to franklin ave deposits us right at the popeye’s, and i’m pretty sure the guy sold us the giant sweet tea for the wrong price ($2.04), but he said it twice, and i put my extra dollars back in my wallet.

now, i’ve got my writing crown on, am browsing through hundreds of pages of mitchell and ness clearance (right garments, wrong teams!), and am waiting to eat my turkey burger and my salmon burger, figuring a way to possibly do that lying down.

ny liberty-we’re coming for you tomorrow. and donuts. i’m not really sure why more of this city is not on board for a winning basketball team, but hey-we’re talking about nba teams that a) drafted porzingis and got rid of hardaway jr and b) picked up bargnani and are paying the highest nba salary this year to joe johnson-which is better than paying an astronomical one to carmelo, because at least he’s active-or $120+ million to kevin love, who in my view still hasn’t done shit in cleveland. my movie hashtag of last summer-what’s kevin love gotta do with it still stands.


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