seattle storm at ny liberty (becky hammon ring ceremony)

i’m really not sure why more people are not excited about a winning ny basketball team-one that was pretty much dismissed by slam magazine‘s wnba preview that is currently leading the east (though it’s all very close).

i mean, i know the reason-and it goes much deeper than $0.70 on your dollar. just an example-my favourite nba podcast-the hangtime-bookended with their own hypocrisy. i’m sure it was well-intentioned, but the hosts started the podcasts saying that becky hammon didn’t set out to make history, she was just doing her job. they chastised men that they’d heard speaking about the “girls” in the w/nba and whether or not it’s possible to see a woman coach (bigup to nancy lieberman for becoming the second assistant, and to the middle-aged customer who schooled me on that yesterday). but they themselves ended their podcast claiming that they’re going into that “dark place” without basketball for the next two months, when there is more than half the wnba season left to play-wtf?! i saw ’nuff nba players tweeting about the women’s soccer team game/win, but why can’t they support their sister league and sport?

i got into it with a radio host over whose “fault” this is, and i can’t even entertain for a moment his answer-that “it’s women’s fault” that the wnba gets no love, because women follow the nba because we’re after the players. this is just ridiculous, but dood is known to be a bit scattered.

either way, this was a beauty-full and inspiring ceremony-the undrafted midwestern 5’6 spitfire who just rolled up and took her space-and went on to make herstory. the boos that erupted in the stadium when isiah thomas came onto the floor should be noted (though he still keeps getting all the jobs).

the liberty beat the storm, though they are better than their record suggests. their coach is terrifying though. bill lambeer kept it pretty cool on the court, only his one jacket swipe was a revealing moment, when we screened our own player.

i love basketball.forever.


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