before you know it-dir.pj ravel

“it’s important to like yourself. when i was younger, i didn’t like myself”

on my last library binge before i left town last, i picked this up at the danforth/coxwell branch. i guess i didn’t read the jacket fully, but i’m glad i got it. it’s a beauty-full and tragic story of bravery, not being a shrinking violet, and the universal feeling of wanting (to be) love(d).

i cringed a little when it was really clear that the wedding planner really wanted to be married himself, and not just witnessing. it sucks when people are involved with folks who don’t want the same things as they do-whether that be marriage, kids, living together, or coffee in the mornings-ok, that last one isn’t as tragic.

i guess it’s sad to see evidence of the fact that things don’t get any easier as you get older…in fact, you can take your issues to the grave-yikes.


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