zaki ibrahim at yonge-dundas square

“woah woah woah WOAH woah”

as went the best front row singalong with my daughter and her mama on friday night. still feeling a bit knocked out, and having just started a living space rehaul, i wasn’t sure if i was going to make it out, but in the end-of course i did. i couldn’t be one of the too many at this town who came out in droves for janelle monae and stayed away for zaki ibrahim-that’s just too canadian for me.

as soon as i rolled up, having to cross the threshold of “religious” jackassery of the no-man’s land of the square (literally-i walked past someone saying into a microphone-“i don’t know what you’re a slave to, maybe it’s homo sex”) the first person i saw appeared to be samurai bambi. not wanting to grab up on someone else’s child, i let it go, but within seconds in my peripheral vision, her mama confirmed the whole family’s presence and i was ecstatic. the only bad part was that she was being kanye during my second favourite cover of the evening-it ain’t no fun (if the homies can’t have none), the first of course, was glamorous life. but that’s the thing with zaki- she can take it all those places, and still win with all of her originals. (my heart did skip a beat though, when she started with “when i met you last night baby….”)

unlike the massey hall show, we got the chance to see the artist (and the beauty-full human) truly unfurl over an hour and a half-i love that she truly brings and spreads her joy, humanity, and heartbeat from the first moment she appears in her black angel wings and punk couture. multi-disciplinary and multi-talented to the nth degree-this one’s a national treasure.

i was also infinitely great-full for the 5141604 reunion that happened, both with folks that i expected to be there and those that i had no idea, and the one i was hoping to see and it magically occurred-yea, zahra!

i got handbilled for the emancipation of ms. lovely by l’oquenz, and since my plan for this week was to make (few) plans-because who am i kidding, i can never make none-i just might be in the last seating for that one this afternoon.


*addendum from the future/past: here is the concert footage from the massey hall show:


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