power-the first season

i don’t think i’ve ever missed a show. not in the way that i miss a book after i can’t read it fast enough (little bee-i see you). but i guess there’s a first time for everything.

i started watching this just before my last breakup, but decided to pick it up again after hearing the naturi naughton episode of the combat jack show. never being one to support curtis jackson‘s work, i have to give it to him for hitting it out of the park this time. from the theme song and opening sequence, to the fact that the show is shot everywhere in new york, i love this show and am so very great-full to the library for having it.

the show is perfectly cast, and not just because most of them are stunning to look at. that of course does help, though the subject matter hits a little too close when omari is shot from certain angles. the actress who plays angie looks like the hottest jlo-the ’96 jlo, when she was still jennifer lopez-out of sight jennifer lopez, with longer hair.

the jury’s out on whether or not i will find a way to watch season two via the internets, or if i will wait for it to come out on dvd. which marshmallow am i going to pick? now or later?!


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