service ontario-on a tuesday

me: “is it glamourous?”

her: (deadpan). “yes”.

me: “and if i get the card in 4-6 weeks and it’s not?”

her: “then you’ll live with it for the next five years”.

i love it-i’ve decided that the teeny service ontario office on college street will be my favourite one-it seems like you’re waiting a long time because the lineup wraps out of the building, but it’s just one line-i’m pretty sure that moves faster than the whole foods model of flashing lights and lining up and scattering and checking for random numbers for the entire afternoon. folks were friendly and help-full, and i got it done in about 1/2 an hour, and had enough time to have a conversation with my latest contact at MLSE.

i am also now an organ donor-and made the ticket agent guffaw when i confirmed that my organs would only be harvested after i died. there are a lot of licence places from everywhere plastered on the wall and i didn’t get the story of them, but that’s further motivation for a story next time.

i got my laundry done before i went out to meet an old friend for the lovely prix fixe at libretto, and he gave me a ride to the office, and i finished season two of the newsroom and took a nap with the cat, so all in all, it was a great day off. it’s about to get mad again for the next couple of months, but i’m excited for it all.

big love to kathryn kiutenbrauer for her nomination for the toronto book award-i called that months ago, and am looking forward to sitting down with an interview with her before she blows all the way up.

back to the ex tomorrow!!!!


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