journal mine #2

highlights from a small hand-bound green book of natural fibre paper with ganesh on the cover and an “apprendre, ca vaut le coup!” sticker on the back circa 2007 in montrill:

-a watercolour goldfish

-brainstorm and research for my “spy sex” column for nightlife

-six degrees of couples stemming from superhead

-this bio for something i no longer remember: Angelica LeMinh is a resilient woman. Her optimism and spontaneity works for her more often than not, and she credits her razor sharp with that just won’t quit. A refugee from Vancouver, she’s managed to work her way snuggly into the armpit of Montreal’s art scene. From hip hop to sex talk, funk and fusion. She can be read in Pound, The Mirror, Ricepaper, Watchmojo videos, and online…..

(i didn’t credit the latyrix or sy smith songs that i sampled, and submitted a bio with an ellipsis?!)

-questions for a lyrics born interview that he stood me up for-i suppose that explains the above jack now, also the article ended up being called “desperately seeking tom shimura”

-exerpts of unfinished poems: “it’s one thing to be immature and another altogether just to render yourself obsolete”

-“poetry is the weapon that cuts me deepest, especially when laced with the arsenic of irony”

-“we used to be built to last/now we’re running too fast/to ever catch up to the past/our ancestors aghast”

-“i am so tired of being too weak/i am the strongest/woman i’ll ever meet”

-drawings of outfits that i want to build-my style hasn’t changed that much-i have a fur vest (two!) and fur boots (also 2!), and still don’t have but want a denim catsuit and an orange jumpsuit

-apparently, i wasn’t allowing myself to buy any more: jeans, t-shirts, underwear, workout gear, sneakers, bags or track jackets

-i was looking for: basics, business casual (whatever the fuck on earth for?!), flat shoes, and a swimsuit

oh, the snapshot into a woman in her late twenties trying to figure out where she fit into her personal style, love, the city, and work. i am feeling a bit calmer about all of this almost a decade later, but can still recognize a lot of it. guess that means that i’m just a more experienced version of me.



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