i’ve been meaning to come back to this cafe for a long time. they hosted marissa‘s book launch last summer? two summers ago? and i love one of the owners and his family very much. i enjoyed their cold brew when i had samples, and my have arrived too late to try their in-house cold brew that pours like a guinness, since it’s all of a sudden too cold.

it was actually perfect, because i’ve been meaning also to get together with a junction author who is nominated for the toronto book award, and well, two birds. i will have that interview prepared soon, along with my kitchen cupboard removal project-probably tonight to season one of south park, which is surprisingly the only one of my materials that could not be renewed-well, that and the hockey book for the aforementioned book award.

i may have found a writing cafe to stay at on my one-woman coffee passport-i suppose all my tours around this city (the library, the skating rinks, the cafes to write in, and coming soon-the spots to watch the raptors play this season since me and mlse are on a break), it’s my own so there are no rules or timelines, it’s really just a function of always having something to explore. i love the wide open space, the wooden benches, and of course, the coffee. i can see the bright sundays with headphones, of course, starting in october, as next week is the trade show and the week after that is word on the street/salt n’ peppa and en vogue.

the perfect end to the day was cuddling and eating cake with my babycat watching season two of girls. i love the fall.


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