herbert and the search for happiness-dir. peter chelsom

“forget the pursuit of happiness, focus on the happiness of pursuit”

i picked this one up on a whim from my home branch, and watched it one evening with the cat. it’s visually very beauty-full-like moving travel photography, and there are definitely some heart-wrenching moments-especially the interaction with the woman on the plane. the subject matter-how satisfied you are with how you’re living-resonates i’m sure with many people, but the way and means that we go about discovering that is what sets us apart.

i’ve had my own struggle with how i’ve changed my story recently-i haven’t previously been someone who stuck around any city or job or dwelling for very long, and since i’ve landed in TO, it’s been nothing but commitments, and it hasn’t been terrible. this past year, i’ve questioned the jet-setting lifestyle that had previously excited me so-i have actually had a hard time with it-especially in the early part of the year when i wasn’t in any place for more than two weeks. i suppose the constant has the feast or famine way that my life seems to unfold in-even my romantic relationships which have gone from one extreme of smothering to the other of almost complete disinterest and non-involvement (sigh). one day, i will work it out, and in the meanwhile, i will continue to be the only person in a lot of people’s lives that consistently explores the city, is okay (possibly better) single, and like the weekly inventories that i run on everything in my house, i will continue to keep turning over the stones in my emotional psyche as well.

“you need to get up, get out and get something. how will you make it if you never even try?”


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