addicted to fresno-dir. jamie babbit

“pretend it’s full of yoplait cheesecake-flavoured yogurt and if you suck hard enough, you get to have it all”

almost a decade ago, sebastian and i were on our way to see bowling for columbine and we decided to see napoleon dynamite instead-that was a decision for the ages. it was the beginning of a beauty-full relationship, and the doc was still there the next week.

today, i made the quick decision to see addicted to fresno instead of amy, even though i need more documentary stamps on my rainbow cinemas bingo card, and boy was it worth it.

i love natasha lyonne and judy greer-both of them, a lot. and fred armisen, and comedies about trying to leave your dead-end town. the fashions, the writing, the passing of the bechdel test-these are all pluses in my book.

now, i am home watching political animals, a show that i didn’t even know existed, but it’s well-done and seems to be rooted more closely in reality than any live-action show that follows around celebrity families. thanks, runnymede.

i also couldn’t resist another curator’s collection at the st.clair/dufferin branch and have another stack of interesting dvds. oh, library-i am weak. and great-full.


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