liquidating lovers

always a fan of packing light, i decided that i didn’t need to bring my now very old and out of date NYC guidebook back across the border, so i tore out my favourite mementos and left it on the NJ train to the airport. here is a smattering of the most amusing items that made it:

-a horoscope that advised virgo to screen out 8/9 voices in her head
-a planet asia handbill for a july 3rd show at the galapagos art space
-my visitor’s ticket to WBAI when it was still on wall street (january 30, 2010)
-a coloured photo torn out of a weekly advertising the whispers on saturday nov 17 (two shows-8 and 10:30!) the day before i came into town, and savion glover on nov 21
-numbers for alyse (back in TO now), ayana (in jersey now), baby j (back in our hometown now), eternia (also back in TO now), chelle who i will never forget meeting in the subway, and the eternal cee truth
-my wardrobe planning (i still do this!) and aspirations to go to a knicks’ game and the philly free library (this just happened this weekend)
-a reading list that includes the incomparable danzy senna-not sure what took so long for this one
-an indignant note on how the border almost confiscated my nectarine (the last time i travelled in on the bus)
-the time i planned a whole trip around the nneka show, and didn’t buy a ticket (whomp whomp)
-my museum of sex ticket and plan (there’s a whole book somewhere of my notes that became a year’s worth of columns)
-“‘that horse has burberry…pants-c.truth'” (i have no idea, but that’s amazing)
-the directions to the bk public library
-the first person that i met on the street that i recognized from myspace (toni melange)
-that big event of seeing chris brown in the holiday movie that i can no longer remember and my realization that seeing a movie in new york can be a completely different affair

all these lovely mementos will join the last issue of philly’s city paper that i was lucky enough to snag (and cry over on the plane)-RIP to another alt-weekly. another one bites the dust (sigh).


One thought on “liquidating lovers

  1. A horse with burberry pants is priceless 😉
    I think the border is just hungry for a snack as it seems they look to snatch small food related items (nectarines, hot sauces…), i remember my reluctance to wardrobe plan.
    myspace might make a comeback after the apocalypse, planet Asia could have texted me about that show..
    ahhh….the whispers…they still had a few spins left.

    Cue janet (…time…flies….)

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