patrick dewitt-toronto reference library- october 18th, 2015

out of the mouth of a babe:

“having never been to college, my syllabus has been very erratic”

“if we could do away with one thing, i would put irony on the chopping block because it’s cowardly and it’s not going to get me through life” *i may have remembered/recorded this last half wrong

“authors will say that they write for ten hours a day and i’ve decided that they’re lying”

“i suspect that i’ve improved as a writer even though there’s no evidence of it”

“aspirational meloncholy” (from an audience question)

“i think it’s best to be working on something, just to stay in shape”

“so much of writing is just happy accidents…my plans are very murky at best”

“i always thought of my body as a used car rather than a new car-eventually you accept your car, but i was against my car for a long time”

“i’m a big fan of cliche and it’s really great to engage with it”

“should we wait for the phone to stop ringing?”

“i stopped reading them as a parent, and started reading them as a writer”


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