of men and war-dir. laurent becue-renard

“medics are aways more fucked up, because your job is to take care of everyone. you need to stop being the medic”

i saw this one today to finish my bingo card, but i’m glad i did because it’s a very important documentary. unlike the one about people who cannot get over a breakup, or perhaps showing a more extreme facet of it, i believe that any discussion of ptsd is a crucial one.

i think portraits of war are only as good as their parallels are drawn to a “non-war” circumstance. there are wars that we are all fighting, and those that we carry with us impact those that come back with us. whether the journeys and the places are escapes and/or geographical or psychological, modern living is a spectrum of ptsd as much as it is a spectrum of joy.

the motivations and realities of being a caregiver are the unspoken heard that stands out most from the wives and girlfriends and mothers and the unique situation of medics who submit to therapy. it’s a spectrum within the spectrum, another layer of the onion that brings to light what it means to support someone, enable, or give up.

with all the hopes for peace (if they want it) to everyone on all fronts who are battling demons-real and real.


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