stretch and bobbito-radio that changed lives

“you sold our tapes?”

“i made a lot of money selling your tapes….”

these two are so stupid. it was an amazing night in toronto, and as per usual for this town where nobody really stays in touch all that regular, people show up for hip hop. i suppose it’s better than nothing to have a completely bulimic relationship with folks-and there’s a comfort in knowing that you can hug a lot of smart and extremely good-looking people en masse when an event such as this one occurs.

the whole project must have been such an endeavour to pull together, and it felt like a win for all of us who have ever stayed up ridiculously late to fiddle with antennas to listen to the hip hops on some obscure community radio station, with our thumbs poised to hit that play/record button and try not to fall asleep. anyone who’s held her breath calling in to try to win some exclusive prize pack, and then make the trek to pigeon park if she won. our station was at main and hastings, y’all, and we learned a lot about junkies and hard living-mostly that junkies are harmless if you don’t have any drugs. mizthang-that’s some homie for life shit for real, and 102.7 cfro did a lot to influence my musical leanings and i will forever be great-full.

i am inspired not only to dig up and scan the piece that i did on maximus clean for rice paper magazine what feels like eons ago, but i’m half tempted to do a follow-up in order to ask him how stretch and bobbito influenced his programs beats 2 tha rhyme and the morning drive-by.

everybody “turn up the mega bass” on your sony sports walkmans and show some love to your stations and your programs and personalities now:


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