hokum-an anthology of african-american humor-ed. paul beatty

“Racism, I told him, is a slippery devil. Like Madonna, it changes its image every couple of years. Today, sans burning crosses and blatant epithets, racism is harder to put one’s finger on. But I know it when I feel it. In all this mulatto fever, people seem to have forgotten that racism exists with or without miscegenation. Instead of celebrating a ‘new race,’ I told the agent, can’t we take a look at the ‘new racism’?” (435)

Fauxlatto: A person impersonating a mulatto. Can be of white, black, or other heritage, but for inexplicable reasons claims to be of mixed heritage. See Jamiroquai.

Ho-latto: A female of mixed racial heritage who exploits and is exploited sexually. See any of Prince’s Girlfriends (439) Danzy Senna-the mulatto millennium

i suppose this is the year that i finally followed through on investigating danzy senna. these completist tendencies were a spin-off from the push to read everything that paul beatty has written. but this piece in this anthology was really everything. (that’s not by any means an exhaustive list of -lattos, btw).

so i’m wondering if i can speak a new book or musing into existence, in this current climate of rachel dolezal (as the time passes, will she just go the way of jamiroquoi?) and the kardashians, and the continued bullshit privileging of whose terrorist acts get the most play. i am also wondering if my bust magazines will be sent to me…but i did just get my library to get a subscription. (as an aside). here are a few more winners:

“I hope that when machines finally take over,
they won’t build men that break down,
as soon as they’re paid for.” (324) Bob Kaufman, Heavy Water Blues

“His death was one of those pleasant surprises that people hope for, but never expect to happen.” (130) Zora Neale Hurston, the bone of contention

“I guess I’m gonna fade into Bolivian.” (102) Mike Tyson

well, if yesterday’s post taught us nothing else…it is just that.


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