symptomatic-danzy senna

“My father tells me that the further you get away from an experience, the deeper it roots itself inside of you. Don’t fool yourself, baby, he said. Time does not heal and history is not progressive.” ( 212)

“Contexts, I knew, were dangerous: Once you put them in the picture, they took over.” (6)

this single, half-black female tale was the first time i was introduced to this recurring motif in senna‘s work. i mentioned how i am trying to conjure up a new book from this woman, right? well-i’m keeping blog hope alive.

“Everything about the place was designed to make you feel part of a community, but at night, in my twin bed, I felt a loneliness so complete it made my teeth hurt. A loneliness like grief, as if I were missing somebody who had died and would never come back.” (4)

“I watched her profile, wondering if bitterness could be contagious.” (116)

“In any case, I had decided to leave that chapter of my life behind, and the less mental space I gave her from now on the better.” (142)

except what happens when you can’t shake her because she’s inside of you?


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