the interview-dir. seth rogen and evan goldberg

“i’ve pretty much been leaving a breadcrumb trail of gayness”

i finally saw this one that i was supposed to see last jno. it was watchable enough, though i have to wonder about american film aspirational relationships with their political enemies.

i mean, there are entire film studies’ syllabi dedicated to the history of islamic “terrorism” as imagined by hollywood, which is much more overt than its predecessor, the cold war movies that were subtle (at the time), the in-between ’90s immigration era of “alien” films, all the big ones starring will smith for some reason, but the treatment of north korea has always been one that is not accidentally (i don’t think) tied to the emasculation of the jong-un family, and more widely-the asian male.

from team america‘s kim jong-il puppet’s “i’m so roneree” solo (which killed at talib kweli‘s last stop on the eardrum tour in montrill when he brought out jean grae and the bbq to sing “dick in a box”) to this characterization of his son loving katy perry, this is an exclusive treatment of this relationship with this country, and i wonder when it’s going to blow up in their faces.

but shouts to these guys (and eminem) for not taking themselves too seriously and for making a movie that is physically very beauty-full to watch. i’m feeling like i’ve been duped into watching a lot of things in the last fifteen years (beyonce videos, i see you) because my eyeballs have been slowly seduced.

however, in my opinion, they have yet to top this.


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