exposing myself (part won)-geraldo rivera

“My commitment to CALS was about to expire, and I was through stretching my two-hundred-dollar weekly paycheck to cover my mortgage, student loan payments, and various out-of-pocket expenses. I was through with revolution.” (73)

“After living together for a few months, Sid and I began to grate on each other. We were both so full of shit that I think we recognized the holes and the bluster in our opposite’s character.” (31)

“On some weeks, I cleared over two hundred dollars in commissions, a take to match my father’s highest salary. It gnawed at me that my painless pushing of socks and underwear were valued on par with his years of sweat and effort. But I also felt vindicated by these small financial successes, proud.” (28)

“There were more rats running around the emergency room than hospital staff. The place would have been a scandal in Addis Ababa, or Bombay, but it was quietly tolerated in the urban wasteland of the South Bronx.” (72)

“The resulting piece was successful because it was different and insightful, and because in putting the reporter on the same level with the celebrity, it made the viewer feel like he was being let in on something. The technique made the story, and the celebrity, more accessible.” (115)

“They knew me in New York, and that was all I cared about. The city was the absolute center of my universe. I never wanted to be president of the United States. I grew up wanting to be mayor.” (137)

“The show was the highest-rated local news special in the history of television, a distinction it held until the following year, when another documentary of mine, ‘The Littlest Junkie’, achieved the same status.” (169)

this is a big book-literally and literally. i texted canada’s boyfriend and told him that i saw a lot of parallels between their two careers, and heard nothing back, so i don’t know if it was offended, but it doesn’t make it any less true in my mind. i am fully aware that we only let people know about us what we want to, so i am referring to each of their first person creation stories, this one obviously here, and the other through five years of weekly audience banter.

for all the philandering and grandstanding-geraldo made an impact on the way we consume information and create our careers. i truly believe he had good intentions, and he still might, despite his recent misguided political comments.

he’s as relatable as he is extraordinary, he’s quick and hard-working, and he does that thing that i don’t understand where men with dicks that need ritalin keep committing to marriage, even though they know it will end badly for everyone, especially him. but he keeps trying, and i’m glad he was self-absorbed enough to recognize that his story is one that needed to be recorded/reported.

part two will be about his relationship with celebrity, as he toes both sides of that line.


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