exposing myself (part too)-geraldo rivera

“The times the four of us were all together, though, resonate for the way Yoko would talk around Edie, never to her. She’d talk about her as if she weren’t there, or she wouldn’t talk about her at all. Yoko Ono, circa 1971, may have been a feminist, but she was also a chauvinist.” (130)

“And since 1963, I have been proving to myself, and to anyone else who cared, that I was not scared to fight in Vietnam. I would have welcomed the adventure, and the chance to serve my country. The timing was just wrong.” (25)

“Even though he was passionately opposed to the war, he almost always wore fatigues during this period.” (128)

“He pushed me about my work, though, all the time. I loved the attention and welcomed his criticisms. I’d do a piece on the eleven o’clock newscast and my phone would be ringing with a comment from John by the time I got home.” (130)

“It took me years before I forgave him his transitory weakness of the flesh, but no time at all to copy his moves.”

“The concert itself was a smashing success, but the friendship it had been built on was left in pieces. By the time they finished editing the concert footage for network television, John and Yoko had cut me out of the entire special. This was their way of getting back at me.” (187)

“I remain eternally grateful to him. Whatever his motive’s, or Yoko’s, John did something for me that he didn’t do for anyone else. He gave the last fully rehearsed, full-blown concert of his life, because I asked him to.” (190)

so, i realize as i am arranging these pull quotes, that i am insinuating a connection between geraldo looking for/shirking his father’s acceptance with geraldo looking for john lennon‘s acceptance. that whole piece is very interesting, because it puts him in the context of john lennon’s premature second act-though nobody knew it at the time. he claims that he picked up the first cheque that anyone ever paid for lennon, which is interesting, but plausible if we are counting the post-beatles era. he also reports quite closely on how hot yoko ono and her tits were-i guess he couldn’t let her out-chauvinist him.

“Barbara used to tell me that people like us would always carry the double-edged sword of celebrity: greater access to sources, but resentment from rivals and colleagues. Don’t let it affect your work, she counseled. On some stories, especially in remote places, we will often cause a bigger fuss than the story itself. Don’t worry about it. Just concentrate on doing better than anyone else.” (307)

“We rented a boat, and I rowed us to a remote corner of the reservoir. The sun baked down hot. I took off my shirt, and we embraced. Right there, the estranged first lady of Canada leant new meaning to the term head of state.” (333)

and we end salaciously with the current mother of the pm and barbara walters who forever shirked his advances. i can see how this man’s charisma would’ve pulled all this fine attention, and we’ll just leave it at that.


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