gaming the game-sean patrick griffin

“In my business, you couldn’t have a personality that wanted glory.” (110)

“When asked to describe his close friend Tim ‘Elvis’ Donaghy, Tommy Martino simply calls him ‘greedy and cheap’. Battista’s assessment, based in part on the January 2007 meeting, is more biting. ‘Elvis was the greediest motherfucker I met in my life. He was only worried about getting paid. He was also a racist, and was resentful toward the NBA. Elvis would bad mouth them to death, and say things like, ‘These niggers are overpaid.’ He took it personal that these guys were making so much money more than he was. I didn’t really give a shit about his views. I just wanted to make money, and just wanted to hear who he liked.” (163)

“I knew that Timmy’s demand for money far exceeded his ability to get it. If the NBA gave out free tampons, Timmy would take them. That’s the type of guy he was. He was fucking shrewd, and believed everyone owed him the world.” (140)

i suppose these next couple of basketball posts are appropriate as i am currently watching bobbito‘s one love collection. anyone who has ever been to a game with me knows that i take it very seriously-and i’m not shy to call an official’s time out when they’re particularly wack. as an aside-i saw melo take the ball out of bounds twice in five minutes in the sixers @ knicks pre-season game (and let the shot clock expire and somehow still make it back into the game after timeout, but coach was coming freshly back from being put in the hospital by matt barnes) so it didn’t quite surprise me when that ref “missed” him stepping out by a mile at the end of the game a few weeks back-i guess there’s a new baseline for carmelo, just like time stopped in the key for shaq. also, for the record-the news reported that coach had “sour grapes” for pointing that out, and i am here to say that it’s not sour grapes when it’s a call that could’ve led to us staying in the game, it would be sour grapes if it was a fucking blowout. just saying-dirty refs-i got your number and i’m looking up your record and tweeting that shit. stay woke.

another unfortunate aside-i just watched j-zone do his basketball rap and learned that gary payton made a song (previously i was stumped by dana barrows‘) and decided to google that shit. i was saddened that the typo “gary payton raping” actually led to more hits than the intended “gary payton rapping“-whomp whomp.*

i devote the same level of obsession to anything that i’m interested in, so of course i have my nba reading list. i’m not sure how i got to this one, and it’s not written in a particularly interesting style, but it is about a time that i know as the lost years-a lot happened in the nba that i didn’t remember because i was off being 20 and shit. i didn’t know about the gaming scandal, and this one illuminated it enough, but i’m sure someone has done it better. if you know who-get at me.

like breaking bad or all those news pieces that just teach people how to break into people’s cars and homes, i don’t see how this doesn’t teach people how to cheat when betting on sports. i also learned that t-mobile, at least at the time, doesn’t require names to get phones, thus each client could have their own name (after characters from everybody loves raymond, of all things)

at the time that i was pulling quotes from this book, i was listening to a philly free library podcast about the digital age, and the author was describing an innovator as having “liked giving credit more than taking credit, and that’s always a good thing in this industry”-well, i would go so far as to say that it’s good in any industry, and in life. i’m really looking forward to that pendulum swinging back, as we really don’t have that many moves as humans, and we’ve been on this “me me me” shit for a minute, now.

*now that i’ve heard it, i have to admit that he sounds like a bootleg 2$hort-further whomp whomp.


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