the last season (part too-chicago)-phil jackson

“In fact, in many ways, I have more in common with reporters than with my own players. We maintain an ongoing dialogue about subjects other than basketball. But in Los Angeles, unlike Chicago, their agenda is different, more dangerous. In Chicago, the vibe I received from the press was one of adoration for Michael, for the team, everyone reveling in the success we generated for a franchise that until this new era arrived, never hung a championship banner from its rafters. In LA, which has fourteen banners, reporters want to know: what can I write that advances the drama for one more day?” (33-34)

“Giving goals is not a practice I followed with the Bulls, who were sufficiently self-motivated from Michael down to the twelfth man, watching countless games on television to scout their opponents. When I arrived in Los Angeles, I sensed that this team needed a measurable target to advance its cause. The players weren’t nearly as driven.” (89)

“In Chicago sometimes we meditated three times a week. There were eight or nine guys who benefited from the sessions. Here on this squad, Fox and Fish are the only two, I suspect, who will profit. The rest will walk out and never approach this space again. What I am trying to instill in them is simply too far removed from their more practical, more materialistic, commonsense world. They think we’re wasting our time, at best tolerating the intrusion.” (149)

“There have been some notable exceptions. In 1998, before the playoffs began, I asked the players to contribute a poem or a section of prose related to their experiences together, which we then burned. ‘I couldn’t do it without you, Michael,’ Scottie said. Michael cried.” (23)

was that a coincidence that that quote came on page 23 of the book? i think not. also-it’s telling that it’s scottie saying that to michael, and not michael saying it to scottie-i’m just sayin’.

and i know that men take a lot longer to deal with things and move on (if they ever do) than women, but at a certain point, it’s fucking tired-you don’t coach in chicago anymore, the constant comparison to chicago makes you sound old and bitter, and is a reminder that no, they didn’t want you anymore. so maybe you should just ease up? but i guess if you’ve never done anything else, you can’t talk about anything else. so let that be a lesson-kids-go learn some shit and be interested so that you may be interesting.

“In the league’s opinion, the officials are the sacred cows. In my opinion, the league has a growing problem, which endangers the game’s credibility.” (126)

“All I ask for, and I’m far from alone, is consistency, for the refs to call it the same way at both ends.” (67)

i will end with a point that i do agree with him on-the officials and how they do an absolute shit job when they’re bad. i suppose it’s like playing goalie or being a good soundtrack-it must be hard to have to fade into oblivion, but hey-it’s your job not to be noticed. it is a choice that you made, so either do it well, or don’t do it.

i’ve been wondering if underhanded free throws were allowed, and he confirmed that they are (he suggested them to shaq, as i would have) but cats are just too ashamed to shoot them-fools! a point is a point! he also hipped me to the cba rule that nobody could foul out, just after the 6th foul the other team would get two shots as well as possession of the ball. i concur that this would be a great improvement to the game.


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