top five-dir. chris rock


sometimes i see movies that are recommended to me by people i used to be involved with, and they’re all nonchalant, like it’s not exactly the situation that we’re in (trainwreck was the last one). so while i’m still shaking my head at that, i am also marvelling at how this whole transition from product placement to an entire movie being an advertisement is happening before our eyes.

it’s not the first time that jay-z has won a prominent place in a chris rock film, but when we look back, we can remember how this was a moving ad for watch the throne. and again, i’m not exactly mad about that. (sigh).

there’s a lot here-women writing, women writing under aliases, what people will go to to get the story, who we really are and what we want to show people, cinderella in the hood, the role of substance abuse in comedy/entertainment, reality shows and contracts, stand-up, iPhones (and ads for angry birds) and freakin’ rap music.

this is the best role i’ve seen for rosario dawson in a long time, and the best i’ve seen dmx in a long time.


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