modern romance-aziz ansari

“So love goes from feeling like I’m doing cocaine to feeling how I feel about my uncle? I don’t want to make companionate love sound like a bummer. It is love, just less intense and more stable. There is still passion, but it’s balanced with trust, stability, and an understanding of each other’s flaws. If passionate love is the coke of love, companionate love is like having a glass of wine or smoking a few hits of mild weed. That makes it sound a little better than the uncle thing, right? We all like booze and weed more than we like our relatives, right? Great.
It also makes sense that passionate love shouldn’t last. If we could all have lifelong passionate love, the world would collapse. We’d stay in our apartments lovingly staring at our partners while the streets filled with large animals and homeless children eating out of the garbage.” (215-6)

“As a medium, it’s safe to say, texting facilitates flakiness and rudeness and many other personality traits that would not be expressed in a phone call or in-person interaction.” (44)

so, i saw this title pop up in my hulu feed (thanks, tpl) for an account that i no longer remember the password to, and assumed that it would be a comedy album. imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a book! a book that was interesting enough, though not as compelling as aziz is as a live performer, and certainly not what i would feel is grounds for a 14-year old boy to make awkward conversation to me on a streetcar about, or make the otherwise non-plussed goth girl shout down the aisles at my grocery store over. i didn’t quite get the hype, but i’m happy when things inspire it.

what i continue not to understand is why guys are ok with their girls cheating on them as long as they don’t know about it? i know a few real life doods that feel this way, and this guy just said he was cool doing tyrese in his backyard benihana.

but he also made a reference to perfect strangers, bigup scottie pippen (and was tweeted by him!) and closed with an inspirational pitbull quote, so he’s all good in my books.



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