aftermath-levar burton

“You got it. But their teachings were just as flawed as those of the Jesus freaks. All they want to do is sit around and meditate, channeling their energy for the betterment of mankind. What a crock of shit. If they want to help other people, then they should share some of the food they’ve got stockpiled. You wouldn’t believe how much they’ve got stored away. They’re sitting fat while their so-called brothers and sisters starve.” (155)

i recently came to the realization, while walking through spadina station, that i’d like my career and influence to be somewhere in the spectrum between levar burton and amy sedaris.

because i work under a signed portrait of levar burton (and make daily bojack jokes with a few choice coworkers), i decided to look up what the library has of his materials. i borrowed a particularly touching episode of reading rainbow that discussed life as a child with a parent in prison, and it was in that search that i also found this dystopian novel that i didn’t even knew existed.

i’m not usually a reader of the genre, but having just come out of station eleven, i figured i’d give it a go. it was interesting enough, and i appreciated how the author’s point of view affected that of the characters’ and the book’s. thank you once again, mister burton.


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