this day off

so, i’m happy to say that i slept in (as much as you can when you live with our lady of perpetual howl) and got my exercising and errands out of the way early.

i’m glad to have cash again, as i had to put myself on rations after going too nuts with my transactions last month-i picked up a few supplemental groceries and my meemee girl got some new foods.

upon my arrival back to the homestead, i was able to hunker down and avoid the rain and the outside. a million episodes of the read were my partner for this day of staying in and laying low (the calm before the storm that will be this month), all the while cooking many delicious foods.

i started with some fresh salsa, and ate that with my sirachup chips along with my smoked gouda wrapped in roasted garlic and fresh basil. (i forgot that i had that garlic roasting on low while i was out walking on the water and shit).

i also had my tea with milk and honey, which is my favourite thing to have, but it’s rare that i do so at home, because i don’t keep enough milk to warrant it-but i splurged and my girl is coming to stay tomorrow, so maybe we’ll get through it. also-why come you can’t get a little serving of organic milk?

i made a cauliflower crust pizza with eggplant and basil and garlic and mushroom, as well as a spicy beef kamut casserole.

i also have pomegranates peeled and ready to be savoured.

at a cool 4pm, i washed my damn hair and am about to get this blog pre-planned until the new year, cuddle this cat, and rest up for another amazing day of forgiveness class tomorrow.

dear universe-thank you so much for all the sisters that you’ve sent me as of late. you’re the greatest.


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