silver screen fiend-patron oswalt

“Van Gogh did have true, crackling genius inside of him. But it didn’t save him, and despite what I always believed about how absolute geniuses must view the world and move through it, encumbered by sentiment or responsibility, van Gogh didn’t look to his genius to save him. He wanted to live in-and be saved by-the world.” (135)

“Does anyone act more like an overserious senior citizen with time running out on their chance for immortality than someone in their twenties?” (86)

although patton oswalt‘s face was all over the ads for jfl 42, and i’ve been looking at him seriously since he made that excellent welcoming speech, i didn’t go to his show-i only made it out on the last night for hannibal-and it was worth everything.

but i do respect his work, so i was pleased to see that the library had this oeuvre, along with big fan, the chillingly accurate portrayal of a failure to launch who sublimates with sports, and i admit that i can understand and reflect the desire to want to consume all the great work in the world, and also to produce it.

“They were either a tiny, perfected detail in a larger masterpiece or a brief glimmer of goodness in something forgettable. Like a fast food meal where, out of nowhere, you pluck out one of the most transcendentally perfect French fries out of a soggy mound of blandness.” (80)

“Movies, to him and the majority of the planet, are an enhancement to a life. The way a glass of wine complements a dinner, I’m the other way around. I’m the kind of person who eats a few bites of food so that my stomach can handle the full bottle wine I’m about to drink.” (122)

“Movies-the truly great ones (and sometimes the truly bad)-should be a drop in the overall fuel formula for your life. A fuel that should include sex and love and food and movement and friendships and your own work. All of it, feeding the engine. But the engine of your life should be your life. And it hits me, sitting there with my friends, that for all of our bluster and detailed, exotic knowledge about film, we aren’t contributing anything to film.” (161)

“Sometimes, I’d be in the room when someone-a friend, a fucking /friend/-would go onstage and I’d leave, not wanting to see them kill, not liking the curdled butane stink it’d create in my stomach, watching it.” (61)

i understand (obviously) a little something about obsession, and i’m almost compelled to read his zombie book. almost.


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