transcending blackness-ralina l. joseph

“The civil rights movement did not articulate antimiscegenation as a primary issue, because leaders did not want it to appear as though the true aim of civil rights was for black men to marry white women.” (20, introduction)

“This scene illustrates the antifeminist slant of post-feminism: Nia is not allowed to act as her own teacher (although her positioning in this scene references her as such). Instead, she mouths Joe’s earlier words. Her gendered, sexualized, and racialized identity is define by her sexual relationships.” (116, The Exceptional Multiracial)

this one also came out of the danzy senna binge. i’m a bit surprised that these are the only passages i pulled out of this collection, but in a way, i’m not surprised at all.

it reads like the collection of academic essays that it is, and that’s a little more academic than i can relate to. but it did prompt a moment where i wanted to see that movie starring karyn parsons, but it has mostly passed.

it must suck to be the: los angeles clippers (to always lose to the raptors)
cd kept: NYOIL-hood treason
recently watched: amy winehouse live at dingle


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