brand hijack-alex wipperfurth

“Too often we try to borrow authenticity rather than earn it.” (235)

“Cults define themselves by what they’re not. They identify a powerful enemy in the outside world and foster a sense of being under attack by that enemy. This tactic reinforces members’ commitment to their underdog cause.” (145)

huh. that sounds like canaduh.

i believe i tried to read this once before because terry o’reilly suggested it, but this time around-it was ari weinzweig‘s recommendation. it’s a bit out of date now, but even though it was written at the time of friendster, there are still some very valid things.

“Mileage programs are proven to lock in consumers. But there’s no evidence that they inspire true loyalty to the brand.” (252)

“Red Bull also creates a sense of exclusivity by limiting access to its branded merchandise. Consumers don’t have access to anything….The idea is to force consumers to work hard to get a hold of any Red Bull merchandising, so that when they do, they cherish it like a prized possession. And just as important, they will tell friends and acquaintances about their misadventures, thereby adding to the mythology of the brand.” (56)

“Don’t define your audience. Create them.” (109)

“Adds another visionary, Steve Jobs: ‘You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give it to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.’” (174)

market research is limited to only what is currently available. it only works to reinforce existing conclusions, not to test or develop new possibilities. you don’t want the existing market, you want to give people something new so that you can get different people.

there is an interesting discussion of the intimacy of anonymity, and i’ve always struggled with what is “real” when it comes to the internet. it is something to seek belonging in this way because it does breed a certain closeness that is violated when you bust in and demand reality, but hey-i’m also the king of imaginary relationships.

“Little about In-N-Out’s food preparation has changed since its inception, either. There are no freezers, heat lamps, or microwaves in any of its store. Burgers are made from pure beef ground by the company’s own butchers. Fries are cut from fresh potatoes in the store every day.” (30)

everyone who watches movies has made a mental note to go to in-and-out burger, but now i really want to go there. i also thought further about points made about texting not catching on as much in north america because it doesn’t have as much of a commuter culture as europe or asia. i was also surprised to learn that burberry was not mad about the knockoffs, because i was working at roots at the time when a knockoff bag was recalled due to the brand suing….i did put another book on hold as mentioned in this book, and it just arrived the other day-woot.


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