american wasteland (part won)-jonathan bloom

“We come to value that which is scarce and expensive. Food is neither in America right now, and yet it’s one of our most fragile resources. We do not have sufficient respect for the precious plants and animals that sustain us because the concept of not having them doesn’t enter our consciousness. If we had less abundance and less reliability in our food system, we would value food more and waste less.” (307)

“There’s no chance of a zero-waste food situation. The question is: How much can you prevent? Can you reduce the waste? What mechanism do you use that for? Making food dearer-economists tend to think of prices. Making food more expensive will reduce waste, but it will also increase hunger. The discriminating thing would be if you could increase the cost of disposal.” (296)

“And what better way to communicate freshness than having consumers see that your store had sold out of that day’s danishes?” (178)

“In addition to variety, the sheer limitlessness of the food makes it seem less valuable. We’re much more likely to waste a place of lukewarm naan at an Indian restaurant if we know there’s a steaming canister of them on the buffet. Yet, if you’d ordered it from the menu at an extra cost, you’d be more likely to eat that lovely Indian bread.” (135)

“To our detriment, most of us expect to be served more food than we’d care to eat. And so we are.” (133)

“These large portions often induce waste. Just as often, they prompt overeating. Saving some for later is a better option, but it’s not always desired or possible. In those situations, we’re put in a position where we either have to waste food or eat too much.” (71-2)

i wonder how life is for people who just deny the very obvious-climate change, racism, the fact that erykah badu is amazing-i mean, it’s one thing to learn something about a topic when you already know something about a topic-but what is it to learn something about a topic when you have no idea?

i heard about this book years ago on an organic conversation, and i figured that i was a good time to activate it on my holds list. working in the field of organic and sustainable food, it’s always good to check in on the general state of affairs, and this one is full of all kinds of aha moments.

i’m splitting it up because i don’t want to bombard yous with too much in the interest of not coming like black thought-if everything stands out, it starts to blend in.

the subtitle is how america throws away nearly half its food (and what we can do about it) and short of mental illness and racism, i believe this is the thing that we cannot possibly ignore any longer.

thought for food.


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