i don’t care about your band (part won)-julie klausner

“Your twenties are the worst part of your life that you don’t actually know at the time is terrible. Being a teenager sucks too, but you’re aware of every last second of it. I decided to write this book before I turned thirty, as a way to say good-bye to saying yes to things that don’t make sense.” (248)

“Meanwhile, I know way more women than girls. There’s a whole generation of us who rode on the wings of feminism’s entitlement like it was a Pegasus with cornrows, knowing how smart we were and how we could be anything. The problem is that we ended up at the mercy of a generation of guys who don’t quite seem to know what’s expected of them, whether it’s earning a double income or texting someone after she blows him.” (xi)

i suppose it’s as good of a time as any for this one, given that it was the last book i noted to read in that nyc guide that was laid to rest thanksgiving weekend, and i recently had to make a point that calling someone a “female DJ” in 2015 is the wackness. although the writing is smart and funny, the story is kind of tragic-it’s the uncomfortably awkward journey to self-esteem that isn’t quite realized. it’s very sad, and kind of rapey at more than one instance, and did this chick just deny the holocaust? and after being kind of raped, not sleeping over makes you a slut? i’m not really sure how that works.

i’ve decided to dedicate this group of quotes to those that pertain to feminism or how the scales still do not tip in our favour-not that i’ve ever been one to cry over that, but to completely bury your head in the sand, especially if you’re a dood, is completely irresponsible and wack, and always will be. in my mind-if you’re not working towards changing things, you’re part of the problem. period. but like it’s futile to try to teach white people about racism, and harder though more productive (in the long run) to speak amongst ourselves about the ways we all lose from intra-racial violence and internalized racism, i’m kind of over trying to convince men to relinquish any of their power over everything in the world, i’m way more interested in finding and building up my sisters. i’ll be over here…

“I’m not PJ Harvey, and this isn’t 1998. I wrote these stories strewn with romantic collateral damage because I think they’re funny now that I’ve stopped crying, and because I learned things from them I hope will resonate with women who’ve snacked on similarly empty fare when it comes to guys.” (x)

“I think 1997 is the only respite of the zeitgeist chatter concerning the ins and outs of romance, and I blame that on Princess Diana’s death. Clearly, a nation’s vaginas were sitting shiva on the behalf of the People’s Princess.” (60)

“A relationship book I once read told women to use the word ‘fun’ whenever possible. They claimed it had a subliminal, aphrodisiac effect on men, who want a relaxed, easygoing, friendly girl attached only to good times; the human equivalent of Diet Coke. This is the opposite of me: I experience separation anxiety at the end of every episode of Top Chef.” (190)

“She was hugely feminine, boldly ambitious, and hilariously violent when she didn’t get her way, whether it was in work, love, or life. And even though she was a pig puppet voiced by a man with a hand up her ass, she was the fiercest feminist I’d ever seen.” (14)



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