the F-U project(s)

“forgiveness is not earned or deserved…it’s supernatural”-eternia

“how much pain in the world can be traced back to a father, or an absent father?”-jeff p

the above quotes came from the F-U fifth birthday party, which was a magical night at the daniels’ spectrum. it started with a commissioned private reading of my recently published essay chez fanen‘s, then we feasted on some pulled pork that i scored because my coworkers didn’t save me any from our staff party (which was amazing, btw).

our last stop was the aforementioned party, and it was lovely to have all of this F-U all at once, after i bailed on a sex and violence in hip hop talk because i was shopping with katie, i couldn’t get into the first incarnation of the triggers exhibit at 401 this summer, i was locked out of the first forgiveness class again at 401-but the sisterhood and trust that i found in the subsequent classes, and this reunion of the past six years of toronto and beyond, i have nothing but love and gratitude for this project.


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