how i met your mother-season 1-3

well, i guess every generation needs a sitcom based in new york about a group of friends where there are no coloured people anywhere until a charming bit character comes along (in this case, wayne brady) to absolve the otherwise ridiculous lack of non-white complicated people. like sex in the city, there are racist comments absolved by the laugh tracks, and unlike friends, the apartments are a bit more realistic-there’s even a character that lives in park slope! (of course she’s canadian).

the writing is pretty good, the continuity is great, and it’s only mildly annoying that the premise is hinted at every third episode. it was a great distraction from the reality of going back to a place that you ran away from and have no idea who you are going to see/how you’re going to pass five days.

so thank you, whomever donated these first three seasons to the riverdale branch of the library, and to the genius librarian who filed them all together (i hate/love when they do that).

i swear that amy sedaris made an appearance (in legs and voice) as barney’s mom (the first time) and marshall and lily’s wedding was awkward because there were random coloured people there when clearly they were not friends at all. but i think bob saget‘s narrating voice is oddly comforting, and he’s a master of the salting technique (as revealed to me by rich dad) and the throwback to doogie howser (despite barney’s misogyny and the troubling casual attitude of condoning it) writing his “blog” was amazing.

i don’t know if i’m going to watch beyond these three seasons, but i wouldn’t be entirely surprised if 2016 brought that. i know i’m late to the game, and that it totally falls off at the end (just like lost), but i am content knowing that that disappointment remains all mine to find, or not.


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