selfish-kim kardashian

i still haven’t gotten a response from the professor (my invisible ex-husband) to my question to him on whether or not he’s mad at her for taking his idea for a selfie book, and i am also quite fascinated by the fact that the library has deemed this book necessary for its collection-btw, the copy that i had definitely was missing pages, and i didn’t rip them out.

is it wrong of me to be surprised that she has unattractive handwriting?

i can’t help it-i care about these things. i suppose i should be impressed that she can write at all, and that there weren’t any apostrophe-related mistakes, though i am judging you for putting LOL in writing, though probably, i shouldn’t-because we “write” that in text, and the phone is the place for the selfie.

there is something attractive about this woman, however re/created she is, though the numerous step-by-step makeup contouring photos lead me to believe that a) she hasn’t gotten that much work done and b) her process of getting ready to go out is not unlike a drag queen’s.

and this archetype of woman exists because there is a demand for her. the woman that takes up a majority visual space, and hey-if that’s her function-bigup for taking it all the way up. just because it’s not, never will be, nor will i ever want it to be my realm of being in the world, i’m not mad at her-get in where you fit in, girl.

she and her mother’s whole empire are like porn-for the most part, i don’t fuck with it, but every now and again, i’ll take a peek.

there are 99 problems with kimmy, k, but her selfies ain’t one.


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