concussion-dir. peter landesman

“i’ve spent more time thinking about how white people die than anyone lives”

and, we’re off.

i always knew there was something behind my complete non-interest in football. there is the lack of room in my brain to devote to the facts of anything other than one sport, but the whole bizness-running around in circles, the hits, the grandstanding, the lack of accountabiliy on behalf of the league, and the skirting of the opportunity to discuss mental illness, ptsd, suicide and the inflation of the image of a three-year (average) million-dollar contract as something to aspire to, and the uncomfortable conflation of god and patriotism remains fascinating to me, but i don’t really get it.

sports in general is infinitely interesting to me, as i’m ever thinking about the secular ways in which people gather to bear witness. physical exercise is something that we all need in order to be healthy, and yet, we put certain people on a pedestal and “only” allow them to play (but we’ll scratch each other’s eyes out to pay to watch) while we observe whilst self-medicating ourselves with the same bad food and alcohol that ironically sponsors the athletes and the leagues and stadiums.

i’ve known that i’ve wanted to see this movie since i saw the poster a few months ago. i’m glad that i cashed in my bingo card during this glorious holiday, even if i didn’t quite make it on JNO.

i had the feeling that will smith definitely deserves an oscar for this one, which means that he won’t win it (hello, denzel for hurricane) this year, but he will walk away with it next year, for bad boys 3 (hello, denzel for training day).

this is a must-see movie. definitely the last-minute best of the year.

also, on my way there, i walked past a man playing hotline bling on a steel pan outside.

and i dodged an earthquake.

i’m so glad to be home.


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