ok, cupids.

“i can live fast if i want, i can go slow all night long”

so, twelve days into 2016-i am officially clocking the best entry into a year of my life. to be fair, it’s been a continuation of a great last quarter of last year, but hey-i’m feeling all kinds of excited about big things.

bigups to vivi for making sure that we heard grown woman before the year was out to set the hashtag, resolutions.

i have made new friends and connections, been out dancing more than i have in the past six months, and set up an account on okcupid. i tried it years ago, but quit after three months of skeptical non-engagement because it didn’t seem like anyone really wanted to actually meet up and go on dates. i kind of dipped a toe in just to see, and so far, it’s been pretty ok.

of course, this kind of fuckery is there-but who doesn’t expect that in this day and age. each day, there has been a new person who has approached in a nice/witty/thought-ful way, and i’m into it. an exceptional 26-year old even made me laugh out loud when he hit me with this article yesterday, and it led to a great banter about how katt williams is my dream man*.

i’ve been on a couple of dates, which i’ve kept short and sweet (me: “do you want to eat a cinnabon at dufferin mall?”) with some lovely folks who are looking for someone to tuck in for cuffing season with (the feeling i get), and while i’m down to go out again-i already have second dates planned, i’m not looking to cuff anyone just yet. nor am i into dating exclusively, because i have a lot of interests and demands, and in the past i’ve gotten in trouble when i hang all of that onto one person. i’m an amateur of love (check the genus of the word, y’all, it’s really beauty-full), and i’m looking to keep it in the honeymoon phase-possibly forever. there are so many beauty-full people in this world making and doing beauty-full things, so as long as we’re not disrespect-full or dishonest, i don’t see why we can’t know them all.

by the time this comes out, i will probably be at the steady for the board game date night, an event that i was invited to this morning by my cinnabon date-to which i replied asking if bringing meat to the bbq was the intent? either way, i like the quick turnaround time (like bismack biyombo) to up the ante from “drinks” to board games, and i like finding out about new opportunities to meet people in person, like the cutie i met on the dance floor on saturday night when i danced until damn near 3am at the piston.

but on to get dressed and ready to meet lindsay too, freshly back from the uk to eat the portabello cheese panko deliciousness at burger’s priest (JNO recommendation). shoutout to mac’s liquid lipsticks (and the representatives that told me about it on the subway) and to sa rah’s cool-as-shit ass and grasshopper for feeding us so full on sunday.

also-a hearty “fuck you” to the u$ exchange rate that resulted in an $85 purchase of six pairs of out of print socks and an equal and opposite “yippee” to the government for giving me back $87 of my own money to break even-i’m lenny wilkens, bitch!

finally, i found an unopened bag of personal-size lay’s ketchup chips at the bus stop yesterday, so that officially puts me over the edge of winning. woot!

*kind of


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