sweet jesus

“you see these ice creams?”

so, the first month of 2016 is done, and i’m continuing my culling and counting my blessings. it turns out that the mix that i made is just as good for solo writing-is it a coincidence that i started with ice cream? nope, not a chance.

so, a few weeks ago, on my way to meet a friend at the ballroom because i’ve always wanted to go, i saw all these people with towering ice creams, and i had to investigate. it was tucked in a corner, and truthfully, i saw the la carnita head first. i’ve only been to the college/bathurst location, though i remember seeing the head on queen east and making a note to check it out (as yet unrealized).

because bowling with the snowboarding group ended up being a bust, we spent a lot of time in the michael’s that went into the previous chapter’s location, and i have to admit, now that it’s open, it’s just as weird as i thought it would be. but i got some ideas and was reminded of how much i love washi tape. but, it was payday and i had just spent lots of money on fancy chocolate and cheese and lipstick, so i told myself that i would sleep on it.

we went back and checked out the menu at sweet jesus, and decided to have tacos instead, but damn it if those messy and delicious cones didn’t nlp me, as i was thinking about them for days. i invited everyone out for an ice cream, including my west coast friend who decided to move here and back in the past month-and though she left largely because of the cold, we ironically spent our last night together at the big chill because sj closes at 11.

i finally got one after a sunday night comedy show at comedy bar-the coconut lemon pie-yuuuumm, coconut soft serve. my date for the night scoffed at me for wanting ice cream in -17, but got it for me anyway, and put me in his warm car and played ’90s hip hop-um, heaven much?!

and now it’s been just over a week, and i’m well on my way to dating through their menu. cones on cones on cones, yo.

all up in your guts!


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