the accidental feminist-m.g.lord

How Elizabeth Taylor Raised our Consciousness (and we were too distracted by her beauty to notice)

“Feminism and social justice have always been closely linked. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, founding mothers of American feminism, were both abolitionists. (Though Stanton was not exactly thrilled when freed black men got the vote before women.) In the 1950s and ’60s, a commitment to social justice often prefigured an involvement with feminism. As writer Sara Evans observes in Personal Politics: The Roots of Women’s Liberation in the Civil Rights Movement and the New Left, many women became feminists after fighting for racial justice in the American South: “There they found the inner-strength to explore the meaning of equality and an ideology that beckoned them to do so.” (45)

i think this came out of the selfish anthology, and i suppose it’s as timely as it ever was, as another feminist (accidental or otherwise) is rallying (some) women into formation and everyone’s in a tizzy. we are also on the verge of the next presidential election which will finally not be pitting a white woman against a black man, but i a byline that i read over someone’s shoulder on the bus this morning screamed “hookers for hillary” and i had to just sigh.

not all feminisms are created equal-they cannot be-that’s would call into question the definition of feminism and the definition of equality. i just had a great conversation with someone i cold called for advice, and she helped me get some clarity on what i’ve been afraid to even think, and that is that not wanting to step on anyone’s toes should never hold you back from contributing how you think you can best.

as kanye is raked over the coals once again, i can’t help but recall this quote that moved me from last week:

“Visionaries, prophets, and revolutionaries aren’t concerned with good manners, being nice, fitting in; what they’re concerned with, passionately, singly, often monomaniacally, is the truth. ‘It’s popular to think the world gets changed by delightful people,’ as Rebecca Solnit says, ‘but agents of change are often obsessive, intransigent, unreasonable, and demanding.’” (122-3, Escape from Pony Island, Tim, Kreider)

and with my ears full of the flan and my mind full of feelings, i sign off, in/complete.


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