artist project

“i woke up, this morning-feeling brand new”

another gorgeous leisurely sunday morning welcomed me, and i took full advantage of it by starting it at the water-thanks, nature. next, i made my way to the most beauty-full balzac‘s in this town (liberty village) to sip on my coffee and read the latest bust magazine, personally sent to me from nyc. it’s been a minute since i took a writing sunday in a cafe with my lovely shuffle, and i found a new way to the ex in my own hood to take advantage of the free second-hand ticket to the artist project, though i got re-routed through the motorcycle show.

these are the artists that i pulled cards from at the inspiring show of textures and colours and rows and rows of arts-david holden, lana filippone, fei lu, antonio caballero, travis playter, patrick lajoie, maureen o’connor, and kari serrao. i was pleasantly surprised by tony taylor, whose arts i first encountered at union station last summer and whose card i’ve had on my desk for as long, and i liked the corgi queen so much that i bought it in triplicate. i also got him to agree to make and sell me another set of three of the harper/ford racoon accord. i love it when i see an artist see her/his own work in a new way.

i shared a lovely moment with eternia, and i’m great-full that we’re living in the same city for the first time in a long time, and mostly just slipped by unnoticed with my headphones, smiling like a loon.

i love this city, and this was the best artist date that i’ve had in a long time.


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