journal mine #5

the book: small canvas covered in multicoloured polkadots, ribbon bound
the stickers: outside cover: ckut, tiny dolphin, inside cover: bulldog coffee
the dates: dec 26, 2008-march 20, 2009

the lyrics: “fuck grassroots, let’s get lateral/’cuz that shit’s as faulty as top down/and causes just as much intellectual collateral”

“i will be a better listener, a better friend, and a worse enabler.”

“i could also do things that involve: copyediting for kiehl’s or vitamin water, voiceovers, soundtrack compilations, look into the dog food place, teach cooking classes to teens”

these are surprisingly adorable and wistfully charming job aspirations.

“when it acid rains, it pours”

a classic.

“there’s a difference between pain and discomfort/when you hit the former you need to stop/but when you meet the latter, we will adjust”

huh. so apt at this moment (no accidents) and a flashback to when i wrote it during the one and only kvc workshop i ever participated in.

“reality is always kinder than the stories we tell about it” -byron katie

“no one can hurt me-that’s my job (and i quit)” -byron katie

“when i argue with reality i lose-but only 100 percent of the time”-byron katie

-lots and lots of housing details for the broadview/danforth, cabbagetown, and ossington between $600-$700

ha! how times have changed. but i would’ve had no idea where any of those places were at the time…

“how can i picture so vividly something that i’ve never seen? it’s like your _______ came to me as a prophecy, a dream”

whatever in tarnation did i mean to put in that blank?!

-two pieces that i’d like to incorporate into the show

the inside back cover: “josephine 506-5*6-1**6”

oh, shit. i had to look up that code to figure out whose number that was, and sorry to blow up your spot, jo.


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