hashtag, mood.

“didn’t they tell you i’m a savage? fuck your white horse and a carriage”

rihanna for the win. talk about worth the wait. for everyone who whinged about how long it took for this album (instead of just being better)-look what happens when a woman (and an artist) puts herself first. it just goes to show, if you do something well, people expect you to do it (and want to do it) all the fucking time. like playing goalie, you get none of the glory and all of the blame. homegirl gave you an album a year for like, fucking eight years. her whole youth.

i, for one, am glad that she went and lived her life and came back with this phenomenal, complete, badass album. she’s doing things with her voice, she’s whimsical and self-assured, she talks about glitter (the herpes of the craft world) on more than one track, she’s vulnerable and so fucking strong. this is robyn doing grown woman thangs-hallelujuh.


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