triple 9-dir. john hillcoat

“be careful what you instagoogletweetface”

this is the first movie that i’ve watched twice in the theatre this year. i am fascinated by the camera angles and the use of red and blue in the movie-both in focus and lighting. the cast is obviously stacked, but my favourite is kate winslet. i’m convinced that this is somehow an election movie, with the message of overwhelming doom and corruption-there is no good that can come out of either camp in america, as the u$a necktie noose blows in the wind.

holds left: 40
lingots: 5225
coffee shops lately: crema, propeller
library throwback albums lately: rhythm nation, criminal minded, billy ocean’s greatest hits
album that i wanted to hate, but actually can’t: iggy azalea
libraries lately: north york, runnymede, annette street, bloor/gladstone


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