prompt: “i think he was honest, he said a lot of things people wouldn’t”

cha-ching! of course i won the lottery, it’s only a cool million-good thing i don’t have any friends like my two chump brothers, and no reason to have to share a penny of it anywhere than all of the fine strip clubs of the world-more blowjobs for me! not that i really have to pay anymore, i know the girls throw it in now just to get me out of there quicker but hey-more bang for the buck, you know what i mean? and it’s a really good thing these little sluts all run their traps with each other when they’re not working their more inviting flaps, so they all know the deal, but some of them got some bad breath from both ends. but i get my money’s worth-i’m the king of their dang castle for as long as i got that green, they gotta show me the respect that i pay for and now i got tons more money. i can give them a little more of a slap on the cheek and forehead with my cock just to keep ’em in line-you can’t let the whores get too uppity. and there’s always a new one, showing up all fresh-faced and bulimic claiming that they’re doing it to pay for school-give it a week, sweetheart, then you’ll see what it’s like with the drugs in your veins and the regulars in your ass. i’ve put in my time, i’m a veteran in teaching a new bitch her place. but it’s the old ones that i like to break best, the ones who hate themselves so much they’ll let you do anything for any price. they just need someone to love them so bad that they don’t even care that you don’t pretend. they’ll take the teaching because they know they deserve it, they’re worthless, and it’s that low self-esteem that’s the ticket, that’ll get you a new bed to sleep in every night if you want it, but i like variety, i like to do the rounds. it makes it so that every time you see a bitch, she tries harder to impress you, she’ll keep your beer cold and your breakfast hot, looking at you with the hopeful eyes that you’ll be back again that night, but she knows she can’t win you, and it feels great to see her work when you’re testing out the new product, you know she’s trying not to cry behind those new mink eyelashes, and she pretends not to care as she leaves the room suddenly, but she sees your finger slip under the thong to test that new pink with the sense of entitlement that almost convinces that new kitten that the rules she was just told were wrong-but she’ll be calling you daddy and purring for you when the night’s through. ha. i’ll drink the champagne by the bottle and laugh tonight as i think of my brothers-Hamish, that stupid fuck that went bankrupt trying to save the world one plot of land at a time-food coops are too much work for any rational person to want to help maintain, and Sage, who worked so hard from the time he was eleven years old and squirrelled away all his money not only our parents and grandparents their dream homes, but also his very own private beach house only to drop dead from the cancer that had spread all over his body on the day that he was slated to get his keys. that stupid fucker was suffering all on his own, he never told anyone, but i got a 2-for-1 discount at the club the the afternoon of his funeral-sweet.


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